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Why choose Accreditation Preparation?

Whether you are new to ABET accreditation or a veteran of the process, preparing for accreditation can be challenging and time consuming.  Most begin preparing at least 18 months before the site visit.  If problems are found, you may be accredited but need extra work and expense to resolve those problems.  If the issues are severe, you risk may not being accredited or losing your ABET accreditation.

What We Do

Our consultants are veteran program evaluators. We help you understand what is required, focus on the important gaps, and implement cost and time effective solutions.

We’ll even tell you when you could scale back your efforts and still meet the requirements.

You will know if you are ready for ABET accreditation and, if you are not, what to do to get ready.

If you have a letter from ABET, we’ll help you understand the ABET jargon and respond in ways that get your ABET accreditation back on track.

Accreditation Preparation helps universities in the United States and internationally.  We customize our consulting solution to meet your needs and budget.



Mock Visits (On-site or Virtual)
Gap Assessments
Self Study Reviews
Continuous Improvement/Rubrics
Workshops and Webinars
Editing Documents
"Tune Ups"
Help with responses to ABET letters
Custom Solutions for your situation and budget
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