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Our Founder's Background

Eileen Webb

Eileen Webb has been a ABET Program Evaluator since the mid 2000’s.  She has conducted 20 official ABET reviews in the United States, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia in the 
Engineering (EAC) and Engineering Technology (ETAC) and Applied and Naturals Sciences (ANSAC) programs.

She has helped over 200 programs at more than 60 institutions in all 4 ABET commissions prepare for accrediation.  This includes programs in United States, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Lebanon, Portugal, Qatar, Vietnam and online.

Her professional career includes employment with Procter and Gamble, Weyerhaeuser, Texas Instruments, Nortel Networks, as well as other companies. She also founded Streamline Consulting in 2006 to provide industrial engineering and quality consulting in the manufacturing, distribution, service, and government sectors.  


Her chemical engineering degree is from Georgia Tech.

Clients in: 11 Countries

She has been refining her Spanish skills for 5 years. 2 years of online classes,
>2 years of Conversational Spanish
In country immersion and
Duolingo streak over 1300 days,

She enjoys skiing, dancing, cooking, reading, singing, live music, and hanging out with friends and family.  

Guiding Excellence, One University at a Time


Our Mission

Accreditation Preparation is committed to help you meet the ABET requirements by building on your current systems to provide quality engineering education.


Our Vision

Accreditation Preparation aids the global engineering and technical education community grow the technology leaders who create a better world for everyone.

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Our Values



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